Friday, December 26, 2008

It's True! Bottled water is cheaper than petrol!

With the dwindling price of oil in the international market, the cost of petrol and crude oil works out to be less than that of bottled water.

A barrel (190 litres) of crude oil costs as low as US Dollar 38 at present in the international market. As such, a litre of crude oil works out to Rs. 10 considering an exchange rate Rs. 50 per USD.

The selling price Rs. 45 per litre of Petrol in Delhi consists of the following components-

Basic cost of petrol per litre: Rs. 11

Refining cost per litre : Rs. 22

Profit margin per litre : Rs. 12

In a similar manner it has been found that the basic cost of diesel is Rs. 13 per litre now.

Wheras the cost bottled aqua per litre is Rs. 12 to Rs.15 presently, a litre of petrol / diesel works out cheaper! Unfortounately, we are unable to interchange their use at present>

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