Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kaun Banega MLA? Crorepathi!

Being a millionaire appears to be the prime qualification in Poor (!) India if you want to win a seat in assembly. Or that is what appears to be the outcome of the recent election to the states.

In Delhi assembly, all MLA's without any exception or filthy rich...either lakhpathis or crorepathis. There are 46 crorepathis- 24 Congress , 19 BJP, 2 BSP and 1 independent!

Out of above 46, 12 crorepathi MLAs are vehicleless as per their declaration!

The average Delhi MLA of the cutrrent year is worth at least Rs. 2.86 Crores!

In Madhya Pradesh there are 12 MLAs - crorepathis- but PAN numberless! How do you like it?

Bharat Mata Ki Jai!

For more interesting information please read TOI dated 14.12.2008 here.
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