Friday, January 2, 2009

Around the world in autorikshaw!

60 teams consisting of 150 people from 13 different pars of the world set out on this New Year's Day to travel a distance of 3000 km from Puducherry to Shillong in auto rickshaws in 15 days time.

Their mission is to find out suitable locations that will provide safe drinking water to 25,000 people of rural India. The team members are from varied walks of life- a police man from Canada, a student from the USA, a TV producer from Singapore, a writer from New Zealand and a teacher from Denmark, etc.

An amount of Pound Sterling 60,000 raised by these teams will be donated to UK based NGO organizations for providing clean, safe, filtered drinking water to 25000 people living in rural India.

Though the auto rikshaw trip is tedious, the adventurers opted for it for the shear thrill of the expedition which will give them an opportunity to get a flavor of rural India where the project is to be implemented.

We wish all success to the teams!

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