Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bomb for Peace!

TOKYO - AUGUST 15:  A young boy dressed in a W...

Two Japanese school students brought a 30 cm long bomb to the class room for demo purpose! This is not one of those stories of World War- II; this happened recently in the Japanese island of Okinawa where the bloodiest battle, World War II, of mankind was fought six decades ago.

It is a known fact that during the World War II, Americans bombed the city of Okinawa for about 3 months indiscriminately killing nearly two million people, half of whom were civilians. The island is still embedded with live bombs of yesteryears reminding us of the bitter part of our human history.

Recently a resident of Okinawa while attending to plumbing work in his garden lost his limb to the explosion of a bomb.

Times of India reports that the 12-year old school students were learning world peace programs as part of their education. They thought that the unearthed bomb from the school ground would serve as a study material for their peace project! Presence of bomb created panic in the school and police was summoned immediately to examine and diffuse the bomb.

While the entire world dreaded the deadly stuff, these Japanese students had a new kind of (peaceful!) experience!

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