Thursday, January 1, 2009

Chicago City Millenium Park Fountain

Last year we had been to Chicago city during our visit to Ramesh's home at Huntley, Illinois, USA. Your trip to Chicago city is incomplete without visiting the famous Millennium Park.

At the entrance of the Park is situated an extraordinary fountain. Unlike the conventional fountains, this fountain is made up of an illuminated massive wall- like- structure on which the fountain is located.

With electronics, faces of ordinary common citizens (and not VIPs) of Chicago are projected on the wall- screen periodically and the water gushes through the mouth of the citizen on and off. Children make merry under the fountain- bathing, singing and dancing! It is just awesome!!

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  1. How exciting even to hear about this fountain! Fountains offer immense joy to all, irrespective of the age.Water has the peculiar pulling power-right?