Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hinglish is the best language to communicate...!

We have about 200 languages in our vast country spoken by 1130 million people living in 25 states. Though most of the people speak in Hindi and the local dialects, English adapted to suit the local language is also a medium of communication in different parts of the country.

English words are mixed with the local languages like Tamil, Hindi, Punjabi, etc., and the resultant blend Tinglish, Hinglish, Punjglish, etc., have been admirably adapted by majority of Indians extensively to express themselves with at most comfort in the modern society.

As commented by an intellectual, our office language is English, home language is Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi,... and society language is Hinglish (Tinglish, Punjglish, etc.)!

In my opinion there is no point in maintaining the purity of a language if it does not serve in communication with people in the society at large. 'Chutnyfying' (mixing) the languages for effective communication is no taboo and this blend adds to the glory of the languages for their admirable adaptability. In effect this adaptation facilitates workable solution between different languages and hence their growth!

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  2. A very good description of the language mix.