Monday, January 12, 2009

Keralite VIPs for US President's swearing-in ceremony!

It is a matter of pride for India that two students of Indian origin have been invited for the swearing-in ceremony of the 56th president of USA, Barack Obama.

Ms. Gita Ram and Mr. Naveej Vinod, both Malayalee students, are excited about attending the great occasion.

Gita is currently working in an international PR firm in Washington. Right from her school days she has been actively involved in public service and worked as a leader of several Asian student advisory committees. Her grand father in Kerala is overjoyed at the recognition she got at this young age.

Naveej studies law at London Westminster College. He was also a noted social worker from his school days and worked in several student welfare associations. His father is very happy about this invitation.

We also share our joy with our 'American ambassadors' and wish the president-elect all luck on this historic occasion.

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