Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cell phone Illness

There is no doubt that mobile phones have improved the connectivity world-wide phenomenally. In addition, the cell phone provides a feeling of security for women and patients, entertainment and exchange amongst teenagers apart from the technology features such as caller identification, wake up calls, camera, games, calculator, FM Radio channel music, movie, web world, etc.

The other side of the coin appears to be bit alarming causing concern and let us look at those facts.

According to Researchers, 45% of women and 28% of men have become more adventurous - venturing into dark and lonely places on account of possession of cell phone.

Spying on cell phone call register may expose spouses who have illicit affairs resulting in breaking of their marriages.

Even in the recent Mumbai terror attack, the entire world knows the crucial role played by the cell phones in the hands of the young terrorists.

Road accidents are on the increase amongst mobile users all over the world despite the stringent government regulations.

In case of teenagers, the monthly expense on cell phone ranges from Rs.300 to Rs. 1000.

The harmful radio frequency radiation (RFR) affects the hearing capability .

In some cases, RFR results in development of brain tumor over a period of 10 to 20 years.

High levels of RFR may also be a contributory cause of infertility in women.

Researchers predict adverse side effects on prolonged use of mobile phones.

Doctors predict that the ill effects of prolonged use of mobile phones are bound to show their ugly face in the next 10 to 20 years if not in the immediate future.

Experts advise that heavy users of cell phones should switch over to hands-free devices to minimise the damages.

In the light of the above why not we take the first step to stop using the mobile phone, preferably hands free, while on the move?

Article contents courtesy Readers Digest.

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  1. The good and the bad sides have been brought out well in the writeup.Misuse of any development has become a necessary evil!