Monday, January 12, 2009

Roll down prayer for world peace!

How do you like rolling down the steep, rocky, long winded steps of the famous Rock Fort temple of Trichy, Tamil Nadu on a cold Margazhi morning!

I am not joking... middle aged Nagarajan from Karur performs this kind of devotion to Uchhi Pillaiyar every year, not for his personal benefits but for world peace! He has been doing this type of 'angapradhakshinam' at Rathinagiriswarar temple in his hometown Karur, Palani and Viralimali rock temples for more than a decade for the upliftment of the society.

Apart from world peace, his prayers include elimination of caste and communal discrimination, homage to Tsunami victims, ending starvation and suicide by farmers, etc.

This year his special prayer was dedicated to the victims of Mumbai terrorist attack.

We wish Mr. Nagarajan a long life and success in his endeavours for noble cause!

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