Thursday, January 29, 2009

UGC Reforms on Deemed Universities

The long awaited reforms of the Universities Grant Commission (UGC) of Government of India have take shape in respect of Deemed Universities at last!

One of the welcome measures is deployment of non-academic research scholars and CEOs of industries as part time lecturers or visiting faculties to the universities to strengthen the interface between the academics and industries. This will also give an opportunity to the students to extract the expertise of the visiting faculties. Henceforth, we will see the luminaries from business enterprises and industries sharing the platform with the academicians in universities!

UGC has also brought in certain regulations in respect of the minimum qualification for the deemed universities. For example, a deemed university situated in the metro-city should have a minimum area of 5 acres for its campus, equipment, books and journals worth Rs.200 lakh and corpus of Rs. 800 lakh for offering professional courses. The norms will be different for other courses such as arts & sciences, law and management. The area of location viz., metropolitan, non-metropolitan, urban, non-urban, also plays a vital role in fixing the above norms.

Times of India reports that approval of regulatory body such as AICTE and MCI is mandatory for claiming deemed university status. In case of rejection, the universities should take corrective action and the same will be reviewed by the regulatory body after a period of one year.

No doubt the above reforms will enhance the standard of education of Indian universities in the emerging globalisation scenario!


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