Thursday, January 29, 2009

Work less! Produce more... babies!

If you are working in Hitachi, Mitsubishi or Sanyo in Japan, you have to leave your work spot by 5.30 pm sharp and go home straight! No jokes... this directive (incentive!) is to motivate the otherwise workaholic Japanese employees to spend more time with their family and produce more children!

Drastic reduction in birthrate to the tune of 1.34, compared to the normal rate of 2.0 to maintain the population at the present level, has become an acute social problem in Japan as reported in Times of India. The conglomerate of industrial houses in Japan have taken a conscious decision to allow the employees to go home early on two working days for augmenting the baby boom nationwide.

Some of the important factors which have contributed to the present poor birth rate are very high cost of living, long working hours of employees, social rigidity towards women & parenting and liberalized views of both spouses on family life.

In the present global economic slow down, employers are also happy to close the establishments earlier so that overtime wages could be saved.

Let us wish the Japanese families a happy, prosperous and productive married life!


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