Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Condoms for automobiles!

Do you know that condom is more than a birth control device for the truckers of South India - it is utilized to plug leakage of oil from the lubricant system of transport trucks!

Tamil Nadu's southern districts of Namakkal, Salem, Dindigul, Karur, Theni and Madurai have a huge population of truckers. HIV / AIDS Prevention Organisations target these truckers for the effective implementation of their programs against spreading of the dreaded diseases.

An in depth analysis has revealed that the members of such organisation found it difficult to meet the truck drivers during the day time and discuss the issues related to safe sex, precautions to be taken against contracting AIDS related diseases and use of condoms as the truckers were free for any interaction only around late night hours when they take their dinner and go to bed. As a result, the free condoms distributed to the truck drivers are dangled at the lubricant tubes to arrest oil leakage!

Times of India reports that National Aids Control Organisation has taken new approach now in involving the community of truckers for AIDS control program.

No wonder our truck drivers have found a ingenious commercial utility for the condoms!

It is heartening to note that apart from birth control the condoms can be better utilized for multi various purposes (not thought of by the creators of the product)!

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  1. Hope people don't concentrate more on how to use condoms for other purposes. So truck drivers always have condoms handy?