Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Diapers for dogs!

You don't have to take your pet dog for a walk in the morning for its nature calls henceforth! Yes... doggie diapers are now available in the market in large, medium and small sizes for different breed. Generally, the conventional human baby diapers are used for the female dogs and belly bands for the male ones!

Times of India reports that people, who are highly hygiene conscious, find these diapers as a boon for their pets - no more messing up on the expensive Kashmir carpet or wetting of the car seat. Journeys of long distance and duration could be endured by the pets (as well as the people!) without tension.

Design of dog diapers are plenty- from the popular 'Huggies' to high end Swarovski studded diapers for the male dogs showcased in several web sites!

These disposable diapers cost around Rs.1200 per pack which contains 11 pieces. The cost is more for high end diapers.

Adorned in diapers, the female dogs get a new look... you feel like having a second look at her! It is believed that the male dog with diaper are very friendly with women!


  1. Actually, it makes them look more like babies and kinda like family, although they already are, but , more like our own babies :)

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  2. Your choice of topics and the flair for writing is commendable.

  3. Someday this is going to get cheaper and will be a lot of help to pet lovers.

  4. Well there will be less of silly jokes on dogs and lamp posts, . People can no longer depend on their dogs for the excuse of a morning walk. No more stealthily taking your dog on late night rounds to dirty someone's front gate.

  5. Excellent news fro dog lovers indeed.

  6. There are more deserving 'slumdogs' around. Instead of spending so much money on the pets and pet care we can utilise our money well by contributing to the welfare of the slum children.