Monday, February 23, 2009

Let us save Planet Earth!

The recent forest fire in Southern Australia resulted in burning of miles and miles of forests area in addition to claiming hundreds of human lives.

Times of India reports that Millions of tonnes of carbon-di-oxide gas (CO2) was released to the atmosphere in this worst-ever forest fire. The quantum of CO2 generated was as high as 33% of that released in an entire year in Australia!

This extremely high emission level of CO2 has a snow-balling effect on the atmospheric warming which may result in frequent and large number of such forest fires in the coming years.

If this phenomenon goes unchecked Australia may experience a steep increase in temperature to the tune of 6 deg. Centigrade in the near future.

It is high time the global communities realize the seriousness of the situation and take corrective action on war- footing to avert further disasters.

It is also the duty of each and every one of us to take small steps in our own way to curtail and minimise the emission of CO2 to the atmosphere and save the Planet Earth!

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  1. You are right. Forests fires has raged in USA too. If precautionary measures are not taken we will stumble under the already staggering burden of environmental hazards.