Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Potato chips for cancer cure!

It is a universal truth that potato is a junk food. A king size pack of salted potato chips with bottles of beer is the best combination for Television addicts all over the world! This addiction has ruined the health of millions of youth around the globe.

Times Of India reports that according to British Researchers potato chips contain Vitamin C in abundance which effectively controls the dangerous free radicals instrumental for the growth of cancer of the stomach and breast.

Potato chips contain Vitamin C three times more than that of apple and nine times more than that of a slice of pizza!

Good news for cancer patients! Henceforth they can munch potato chips happily as part of their medicine which has a magic touch in curing their ailment!

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  1. I have heard mothers complain that the potato chips have made their children hyperactive but this seems better news?