Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Salsa Stress Buster!

Young Policeman of Bangalore Armed Training School have volunteered to attend the salsa and samba dance classes in their free time! This dance program has been introduced recently by the Police Training School at Yelahanka on an experimental basis for about 250 young and energetic policemen.

Times of India reports that contrary to expectations, the youth have responded very positively for the Latin American Latino Dance with graceful movements of the limbs. They enjoy the dance as it acts as an effective stress reliever. The dance provides thorough relaxation for the body and mind in addition to improving the flexibility of limbs.

Based on the positive reaction from the young policemen, the top brass are seriously thinking of introducing these dances as part of their regular training program.

Even old timers enjoy this dance which is very much different from their traditional 'saavdhan-vishram' positions! For the poor policeman who spends the whole day under the hot sun in stiff and straight positions of the body, the samba dance is more than a stress buster.

Let us also hope that salsa and samba will transform our policemen into more amiable to the common man with an improved public relations qualities!


  1. Ha, ha,..I am going to join the salsa and samba but with one condition. None should at me!

  2. Well that gives me ideas. Why not open a relaxation club for people our age.No one bothers about us except Yoga schools

  3. Wow! your idea is super! I will definitely join!