Thursday, February 5, 2009

They are live animals... not leather goods!

Are we giving adequate care to animals like dogs, cats and cattle? How many of us teach our children to be kind to the roadside stray dogs, kitten that peep through our kitchen very often? Is our treatment of the cows and goats dignified?

Our bookish education on prevention of cruelty to animals is more of a ritual without any seriousness. Throwing stones at the dogs, driving the cats to madness by chasing them, hit & run attitude towards the cows and other animals straying on the roadside are some of the common scenes we observe in our neighbourhood.

Let us take a look at the scenario of wild animals in the forest. The population of tigers is dwindling. Tigers and deers are killed ruthlessly and their skin used for manufacture of leather goods. Elephants are murdered for their tusk. It is said that Polar bears are near extinct thanks to murderous adventure seekers. The population of our national bird peacock is at peril.

God has created these animals and birds to add beauty, mystery and wilderness to Nature. Man misuses his intelligence and muscle power to conquer the animals and turn them into mere leather bags, belts and shoes.

It is a matter of solace that corrective action is being taken by the Governments and people throughout the world time and again. Government of India has launched special projects to preserve and promote the population of wild animals. As dutiful citizens, we should refrain from torturing and killing of animals. We should also raise our voice against the massacre of wild animals in any corner of the globe.

Times of India reported that Chennai witnessed a novel way (organised by a set of animal- friendly good samaritans) of protest from the pets against the hardships they have been subjected to - "diseased"animals (dolls) were lying-in-state in coffins before they are killed and processed to manufacture leather shoes and bags.


  1. Excellent!Iam also against the slaughter of animals for selfish purposes

  2. Frankly.....being such a pro animal person as myself, everytime theres a news about a rainforest being cut down or some species at the brink of extinction, I flinch and change the channel. Its just too awfulto read or watch about!!!