Monday, March 30, 2009


Despite the fact that the contraceptive pill Viagra help men reach new heights in love making, it causes a number of side effects. Scientists have listed more than 1500 side effects such as tooth ache, deafness, blindness, hiccups, etc.

Use of Viagra has also caused serious consequences such as disorder of the male organ and death of the menfolk in large numbers.

Priapism in men is a harmful penile disorder wherein it takes hours for the erect penis to return to normalcy despite the absence of any physical or psychological stimulus.

Here is a good news for contraceptive users! German researchers have developed a Veggie Viagra consisting of natural ingredients. This stuff works better than the Blue Pill Viagra with minimum side effects! Cheers!


  1. Anyway there IS a minimum side effect. The less the better I presume.

  2. What is this veggie viagra? Murungaikai probably? Ha, ha, ha,

  3. LOL I love to laugh so will probably be visiting your site often. Since I am seriously into political blogging it is sometimes necessary to take a break for fun. thank you. BB

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    I am sure you will enjoy.