Tuesday, March 17, 2009

TV watching leads to asthma in children

British researchers conducted studies on 3000 children from birth to the age of 12 wherein parents were questioned about the TV viewing habits of the children and whether the family doctor diagnosed symptoms of asthma in them. It came to light that children who watch TV for two hours a day regularly are more prone to contract asthma.

Asthma has affected over 300 millions of people world over. It is also the most common illness in children with symptoms like wheezing, shortness of breath, cough and tightness of the chest.

While watching TV, the breathing patterns associated with the sedentary behavior could lead to developmental change in lungs resulting in wheezing illness in children as per the research conducted by experts of University of Glasgow.

Watch out your children and make sure they do not get addicted to TV. Educate them on the ill effects of TV watching which includes now development of asthma.

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  1. Parents seemed to be protecting children prone to asthmatic attacks by keeping them indoors out of exposure to dust ,but sitting at home watching TV appears to be bad too. This warning is possibly another way to wean them away from addiction to TV