Saturday, March 21, 2009

Eat meat less! Save Planet Earth!

You will be surprised to know live stock sector contributes a whopping 18% to global green house gas emission!

Beef is the biggest culprit in live stock food sector. Here are some of the interesting statistics.

1. Beef accounts for 30% of meat consumption worldwide and in terms of carbon di
oxide (CO2) emission it contributes 78%.
2. One kg. of beef produces 16 kg. of CO2 gas emission. This emission is 4
times higher than that produced by 1 kg. of pork and 10 times greater than that of
a kg of poultry.
3. If one changes over to chicken from beef, the CO2 emission is cut down by 70%.
4. Meat production will double by the year 2050 with the present rate of increase in
population which is bound to increase emission of CO2 in a geometric proportion.

In the above dismal scenario, to save Planet Earth, meat consumption has to be reduced drastically by all of us.

Change over to vegetarian food. Eating vegetables is a healthier trend as accepted by researchers all over the world.

Let us appeal to our meat eating fellow mates as under:

Eat meat one day per week! Switchover from steak to salad! Let us be kind to our Planet Earth. Let us save our Planet to save ourselves!


  1. That's a sensible eyeopener for non vegetarians and a sure enough promotion of vegetarianism. With mad cow disease one never knows what is in the cooking pot.

  2. This is very interesting. Good thing I'm more of a poultry person. Although, I'm guilty in eating beef once in a while especially when we're talking about ribs. Well, at least now, I'll make it a conscious effort to choose chicken.

    Btw, thanks for visiting my site.