Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Grand (parent) is gold!

It is an age old accepted truth that grandparents are the best friends of grandchildren all over the world from Australia to America and China to Chile. Social skill and behavior of the grandchildren improve remarkably well by the very presence of the grandparents. They are the positive force for all families and act as shock absorbers of the next two generations.

Let us consider the Indian scenario in this regard. In the modern times, both the spouses are educated and they go for jobs which becomes an economic necessity. Further, if both the members earn, they will be able to lead a more comfortable life and give their children the best education with a high standard of living.

Thus both the parents tend to be busy and spend the best part of their life in earning money and acquiring properties. Their spare time is utilized for socializing with friends and relatives. In this process they are unable to interact with their children.

In such circumstances, the grandparents assume the role of friend, philosopher and guide and make good the shortcomings of the parents. Invariably the grandmother is very close to the granddaughter as the grandfather to the grandson. The emotional, physical and social problems of the grand children are well tackled by the grandparents with their worldly-wise-approach.

In the western countries, the role of the grandparents is significant in difficult situations involving divorced and separated spouses in bridging the gap between the children and the parents. More often the negative influence of parents of such families is neutralized by the grandparents. Grandparents act as peers for the grand children in case of single parent and step parent families.

It is interesting to note that American grandparents share living space with their grandchildren increasingly.

Research in this subject has proven beyond doubt that grandchildren who have been brought up by grandparents are strong in their character with a balanced attitude compared to children without grandparental upbringing!


  1. Very very true.Grandparents are a very important factor in bridging the two generations.

  2. it is essential for children to have parents in their life even if it means somebody else's