Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ice bathing...a remedy for chronic illness!

We all know about winter skating. Ice bathing is a speciality in Finland during winter.

People of all ages swim in frozen lake and river at a temperature as low as 0.2 deg. Centigrade. It is a nationwide pastime which keeps the body and mind fit as believed by the Finns.

Health Pundits strongly advocate that winter swimming keeps common cold away, increases blood circulation and boost morale. It is considered as an effective treatment for pains and inflammation.

Patients suffering from rheumatism and fibromyalgia benefit from cold chamber treatment wherein they are kept at minus 110 deg. C for a few minutes.

Ice Swimming competitions are also held during winter and widely participated by people from all walks of life. This year a 70-year old female bagged the silver medal and she is hopeful of continuing her winning spree for her life time!

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  1. Even in India I have known healthy people who lived to be above 90 and who regularly used to bathe early morning in cold water from a cement tank or pond Our people like anything from abroad.So this will encourage them to give it a thought - to depend less on geysers. .