Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Web concert!

A new hi-tech concert is in the offing...the Web Symphony!

Over 3000 videos have been submitted from 70 countries, out of which, 90 musicians from 30 countries were selected to perform in a concert on 15th April at Carnegie Hall, New York.

This selection has been done by YouTube viewers around the world and the finalists were picked up by the powerful Orchestra groups acrss the globe from London, Berlin, Hongkong, New York and San Fransisco. The final winners consist of 26 instrumentalists in the age group 17 to 55. These musicians will start rehearsing shortly.

San Fransisco Symphony's famous music director Thomas will conduct the show. The first performance Number titled "Internet Symphony No.1 Erotica" is a special composition for the very unique historic inaugural session.

No doubt the world is shrinking and the days (!) are not far off, when Carnatic musicians in South India will perform supported by instrumentalists from Europe in a live concert sitting pretty at their home grounds! Of course, the beneficiary - the audience of the modern times thanks to science and technology!


  1. Instrumentalists from Europe can never play on par with our native ones

  2. very true.The days are not far away.