Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Funny Veggies!

Fantasizing is a God-given gift to kids and this has been effectively exploited for promoting the affinity of the kids towards vegetarian food by researchers in USA.

'Power Peas', Dinosaur Broccoli', 'X-Ray Vision Carrot', 'Succulent Italian Seafood Filet', etc., are some of the cool relevant qualifying names given to the veggies by the researchers to woo children.

With these catchy names kids fantasize different expectations and different experience though the basic food remains the same. The net result - 28% increase in sales and 12% increase in taste rating for these food!

In South Korea children with fruit masks participated in a parade to promote veggie food.

Funny names mean more fun to eat and this fantasy works wonders with children!

Though this research is confined to pre-school study, researchers are optimistic that the same will produce amazing results at home too!

Don't you feel it is time we adopt such novel methods in India also to promote veggie food for our kids!


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