Thursday, April 16, 2009

Veggie Drug for Cancer!

If you notice an odd-looking new mole or an old mole with change in size, shape and color on your body, please do not ignore it, get it examined by your skin specialist. This may be the starting stage of skin cancer known as 'Melanoma'.

Presently there is no drug to cure melanoma.

Scientists of Penn State College of Medicine, USA have experimented a drug made from naturally occurring veggie compound extracted from broccoli & cabbage on mice to arrest the growth of tumors successfully.

It was found that the above compound along with selenium destroy melanoma in cancer patients more safely than the conventional and tedious radio therapy. The drug is more potent and it can be delivered intravenously in small doses.

We have to thank our scientists and researchers for the invention of the right medicine for the dreaded disease melanoma!


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