Sunday, April 19, 2009

Monkey Management!

Man's nearest ancestor monkeys do not get a good treatment in India. They have been trained to do cheap stunts with an eye on filling the begging bowls by their trainers or owners who are also poor economically and socially. A few of them are caught by the circus companies to perform high-end acrobatics to attract the crowd and collect money. Blessed are the ones in the temples and forests with absolute freedom.

You will be surprised to know that monkeys do have management capabilities! Chimpanzees have an excellent sense of Planning! They knockdown stone structures in the morning during their free time, buildup sufficient ammunition of small rock missiles and unleash them like a hailstorm at visitors coming to the zoo in the evening! Orangutans can identify the correct tool to retrieve grapes! They do use their head in a smart manner!

Researchers of Max Plank Institute opine that these monkeys have the planning and execution capability like their fore father - the ape man.

May our Management Consultants give a fresh look at these new resources!


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