Sunday, April 19, 2009

Stop kids from using bad words!

There has been a progressive cultural degradation in the modern society specially in respect of children and adolescents. Television, peer pressure, movies and parents and influential members of the society play a vital role in shaping the children.

Children are using more expletives these days. They simply copy their heroes in movies or real life.

Parents blame TVs for the bad language. Even in kids channels like Pogo and Cartoon networks inappropriate advertisements play the spoilt sport. Use of strong words by teachers also impact the children.

Boys use bad words more especially when they are in a group predominatly. They are thrilled to use words like bloody, gay, stupid, shit, etc., even without knowing the meaning. Kids who have just started attending school are seen to use cuss words picked up from their seniors or classmates.

How should parents deal with this type of situation? Explain to the kids how hurtful these words are and be firm in dealing with them. React immediately and disallow use of bad words even if the children are surrounded by elders or at school.

Strengthen them with positive words. Take away their privilege to watch TV or going to movie or playing their favorite game. Advise adult friends not to use these words in the presence of the children.

Today's children are the future architects of a nation. It is our primary responsibility to make them good citizens first and top scorers next!


  1. Children learn from what they watch & the environment where they live.So, it is first the primary responsibility of the parents, teachers and society to refrain from using such words . we must first mend ourselves before attempting to mend the children