Saturday, May 23, 2009

Be a disciplined dummy in Dubai or else...!

Couple kissing, holding hands,hugging, dancing and loud music in public places are taboo in Dubai! Yes! A code of conduct for tourists and foreigners is imposed by the government.

Wearing mini skirts, skimpy shorts and revealing clothes are no longer tolerated outside hotels and private places. Swimsuits and bikini wears are permitted in swimming pools of luxury hotels only and not in public beaches. Alcoholic drinks, swearing loudly and display of rude gestures are banned in public.

Night clubs and cozy resorts of Dubai, where free flow of booze and scantily dressed females are very common, have come under the groovy eyes of the authorities.

A British couple, caught having sex on the sandy comforts of the beach, was fined and deported last year by the civic authorities. It is not clear whether the disciplinarian reforms are the follow-through (re)actions of the local authorities to chastise the unruly foreigners and tourists.

One thing is clear - Dubai government wants to play a balancing act between its image as a liberal advocate of western style economy and as a regional player of conservative culture.

Visitors beware! Behave yourself or else face the gallows!


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