Saturday, May 2, 2009

Global Warming? Deflect Sunrays Back To Heavens!

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Global warming shows its ugly face at an alarming rate though in silent mode. Melting of polar ice glaciers is on the increase causing rise in sea levels around the globe. Scientists predict that the earth will be warmer probably by 4 degrees by the year 2100 at this rate. It won't be surprising that our precious civilization may be lost after our grandchildren!

Researchers are toying with various options to contain the global warming - some of the option appear to be stranger than fictions!

Geo Engineers from UK are working on a proposal to plant artificial trees which are capable of absorbing the green house gases in huge amounts and to prevent sun rays reaching the earth with brightened clouds serving as reflectors!

The clouds are bombarded with sea water wherein the sea salt gets deposited on the cloud surface providing a perfect reflecting medium for the sun rays. Ships may have to be deployed for the cloud seeding.

Are you not reminded of our great epic 'Mahabharat' wherein Lord Krishna brought in early sunset using his Sudharsana Chakra to hide the sun and to bring about the end of Jayathradha. Probably our scientists attempt to prove that such events were not just stories to brush aside but can be realities!

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