Saturday, May 16, 2009

The impersonation story of a twins... Stranger than fiction!

This is a real life story of a twin Sardarji brothers Prem Singh and Rattan Singh hailing from Punjab. Prem, a studious fellow, cleared government competitive exams and got a cushy UPSC job. His brother Rattan whose look, demeanour, colour, even the last mole are identical to that of Prem got into the job in the year 1974 merrily.

28 years passed without any trouble. In the year 2001, Rattan applied for his superannuation benefits seeking voluntary retirement. Based on the complaint made by a suspicious person, Vigilance Department unearthed the impersonation episode and filed a suit in the court against both the brothers. While the case was pending in the court, the twins managed to get anticipatory bail from the Punjab and Haryana Court.

Meanwhile Rattan lost his job (obviously!). To add insult to injury, Rattan approached the High Court to obtain a stay on recovery of salary and other benefits amounting to 8.11 lakhs by the government following the recommendations of the Vigilance Department. The court held the very act of joining the UPSC job in place of his brother is fraudulent and directed recovery of all the benefits enjoyed by Rattan till then.

Don't you feel this episode is spicier than an Indian movie and deserves an Oscar Award!

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  1. It is very rare to find such identical twins. The doubles have played a double game indeed!