Tuesday, May 12, 2009

iPod Music for the Babe in the Womb!

Abhimanyu, the young warrior son of the famous archer Arjun, learnt the secrets of strategic warfare while in the womb of his mother as quoted in Maha Bharat, the Indian Epic.

Yes, it is true! The baby in the womb of the mother has the ability to listen to the sound and vibrations on earth around him/ her! This is a God's gift to the tender tiny tot in the belly of the mom-to-be!

A special iPod known as "baby iPod" has been developed by scientists in the UK to cater to the music-love of the unborn babies. A special belt with a built-in MP3 Player with a series of special speakers transmit vibrations to the fetus. Of course, we refer to classical music which is soothing to the ear and the mind of the tender tot. Researchers believe that music plays a vital role in the development of the child's mental growth.

Here is an incentive from a Canadian Designer to the would-be-moms: A relaxing body massage through a tiny mechanism attached to the iPod belt while broadcasting music to the babe in the womb!

Music keeps both the prospective mom and baby at peace and relaxed! Ladies please make a note of this!
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