Thursday, May 14, 2009

Laughter yoga...the best medicine for heart!

Laughter Yoga defuses tension! Biologically the number of muscles that are flexed while laughing are much less than those while you get angry!

Recent study by researchers in the UK has revealed that 30 minutes of laughter a day keeps the heart diseases away! Watching a comedy serial daily for half an hour decreases the stress hormone levels and the compounds responsible for heart ailment.

Scientists experimented on two groups of men and women undergoing treatment for diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol. The drugs administered were the same for both groups except that one of the groups was subjected to 'laughter medicine' also by viewing a comedy serial for about 30 minutes a day.

Stress hormone levels fell markedly for the comedy viewing group in two months time. Further in the next two months, the level of compounds responsible for hardening of the arteries and other cardiac - related problems had also dropped significantly.

In addition the comedy programs also brought in remarkable reduction in harmful C-reactive proteins which contributes to the high risk of heart disease. However the progress of the other group was very moderate comparatively.

These findings were presented at the Experimental biology Conference in New Orleans.

Don't you feel that the proverbial "Laughter is the best medicine comes true"! Let us laugh heartily to save our hearts!

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  1. I agree but what goes on in the name of VPL on Kalaignar TV makes me strain to laugh and it isnt a hearty experience at the end of it all