Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lip Services Tomorrow!

Lips are not only sensitive but also sensuous parts of the human race and they have been instrumental for communication and expression of emotion amongst young lovers from time immemorial!

Of late US Biometrics Specialists have developed a software to evaluate the perfectness of the lips of celebrity damsels (obviously!) on a 10 - point attractive scale!

Renowned Italian actress Monica Bellucci has been adjudged as the possessor of most perfect attractive lips followed by Scarlett Johnson, Halle Berry, Beyonce and Angelina Julie in that order!

Let us imagine the future impact of this added attractive feature of the womanhood.

Women of the world have one more beauty aspect to check-out now! It won't be a surprise if international beauty contests in future insist for lip attractiveness test for the prospective beauty queens!

Ad agencies, manufacturers of beauty aids and cosmetics may bring out new formulas to improve the get up of the lips!

Even physiotherapists may have their field day by introducing new exercises and work-outs to tone up lips!

In essence, the overall economic condition of the nations may witness a boom in this recession-ridden world on account of these "lip services"!

Kudos to lip attractiveness!


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