Saturday, May 2, 2009

Verona the City of Love!

"Till death do us part" wooed William Shakespeare's Romeo standing under the historic balcony of his beloved Juliet set in the beautiful city of Verona in Italy!

Verona is a romantic tourist spot packed with millions of visitors yearly providing the right ambiance for young lovers.

To promote tourism the local government has planned to rent the famous balcony of Juliet for wedding. The city officials feel that the great reputation inherited by them should be shared with the lovers of the entire world.

The rent for getting married in Juliet's house is $ 770 for Veronicans and $1300 (almost double) for non-EU citizens. The reason for this increase in fee is attributed to the documentation work to be done in the case of non-residents.

Lovers! If you want to get married in Verona 'the City of Love' plan well in advance to manage your finance as well as to book the balcony!


  1. I have heard that Marriages are made in Heaven. Later I heard that marriages are made in street corners Now they seem to have shot up the roof with marriages in Verona.
    Beware wed not in Juliet's house for her life ended miserably

  2. This is a very beautiful place and thousands of tourists come here every year from all around the world.This beautiful destination is noted and a historic place as well.