Tuesday, June 30, 2009

At last a novel baby mosquito killer!

Researchers have been trying numerous techniques to destroy the blood-thirsty vampire like mosquitoes from time immemorial! However the results have not been significant because the little devil appears to be immune to any type of pesticide or other deadly drugs!

Recently British Scientists have devised a plot to kill the mosquitoes in the larva stage rather than attacking the adult ones. The procedure resembles a James Bond 007espionage mission! Yes. Scientists have stealthily followed the dangerous dengue- spreading female mosquitoes and found out its routine route and favourite joints!

According to the researchers, the deadly insect, after a sumptuous meal of human blood, goes to a dark and damp place to take some rest while its eggs develop and then reach a water source (drainage or canal)for safe deposit of the eggs for further development.

Pesticide in powder form was sprinkled on the surface where the prospective mother mosquitoes normally sat for relaxation after a heavy blood meal. The female mosquito acted as a carrier of the pesticide powder and dropped it in the breeding pool. Scientists observed that the pesticide in the pool wiped out the larvae though the adult mosquitoes survived.

Is it not an effective and novel birth control method for mosquitoes?

In Hindu mythology, the demon Bhasmasura had the power to kill anyone by placing his palm on the victim's head by the special power conferred on him by Lord Shiva. Having massacred lot of people abusing this power, Bhasmasura wanted to try his luck with Lord Shiva Himself and tried to place his palm on the Lord's head. The Lord tricked Bhasmasura to place his palm on his won head while engaged in animated dancing session thus bringing an end to the life of the devil.

Don't you feel that the strategy to kill the infant mosquitoes through the pesticide carried by the mother mosquitoes is similar to the technique used by Lord Shiva to destroy Bhasmasura!


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