Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chocolate, the Superfood!

Good news for chocolate eaters! Researchers in Europe and United States have found that chocolate is no more a junk food and it contains excellent properties characteristic of a healthy food.

According to researchers the compounds of chocolate have the capacity to filter the harmful UV rays from sunlight. Hence shine, moisture and density of the skin of the chocolate hogger are maintained at a higher level than those who eat chocolate occasionally.

The constituent epicatechin contained in the cocoa increases the nitric acid, which dilates the blood vessels resulting in free blood flow. On account of this property incidence of strokes, heart diseases, cancer and diabetes are lower in chocolate chewers.

Dark chocolate cures fatigue and tiredness in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome as scientists believe that chocolate increases neutro-transmitters in brain that regulate sleep and mood.

British University scholars found that flavanol-rich cocoa improves blood flow to brain which benefit people suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Cells stopped dividing when chocolate flavanols were administered to breast- cancer patients. The study has given hopes that other type of cancers could also be cured by chocolate treats.

The above aspects are the positive side of consuming chocolates in optimum quantum. The outcome of the researches do not yet have the doctor's seal of blessings. However the findings do establish the fact that chocolate are bound to achieve the super food status very soon!

Future trend in the manufacture of chocolates would make it mandatory to include epicatechin and flavanols as constituents in order to classify it as a super food.

The post is based on an article written by Helen Sandstorm in Reader's Digest magazine May 2009 issue.

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