Saturday, June 20, 2009

Missed Calls Answered!

Trouble due to missed calls in your cell phone? Don't worry. The solution is now available in the form of an apparel... skirt!

An young British fashion student Georgie Davies has designed an innovative skirt which twinkles and alerts you whenever there is an incoming call in your mobile phone.

The tech savvy girl has borrowed ideas from the multilayer multicolor wings of the butterfly to design the special interactive translucent scales (forming part of the cocktail dress) which move and glitter when the cell phone rings.

Even in the noisiest pub or bar the wearer of the apparel is alerted while dancing or chatting or watching the show for an incoming call.

Tennis celebrity Maria Sharapova has lauded Georgie's innovation as a wonderful interface between fashion and technology.

In the lighter veins, I would recommend this type of techno-garments for the booze addicts in view of the fact that the lighting up of the garment attracts the attention of the neighbours too in case the wearer is in an inebriated condition so as to extend a helping hand to answer the calls which otherwise would be missed!