Sunday, June 21, 2009

Novel Body Massage!

Body massage is a billion dollar business not only in western countries but also in Asia now! It may be for a particular ailment or a physiotherapy exercise to recoup normal functioning of a body part after an accident.

Modern beauty parlors attract people of all age groups of men and women for toning up their muscles in order to keep their body beautiful and shapely without disease.

Beauty concept is the buzz word now and every one is endeavours to keep their body and mind fit. However busy they are otherwise, working women and girls do find time to take care of their body all over the world.

Health clubs offer tailored packages at very attractive rates to entice working women. In metro cities, due to paucity of time, working women rush to SPAs nearby during their lunch time for workouts for a short time, take a fresh bath and return to their office totally rejuvenated.

No need to mention here that for men folk body massage by pretty damsels in beauty parlors is an added attraction!

In Israel body massage is carried out in a novel method in a health club - a team of non-poisonous snakes are made to crawl on the body which gives a soothing effect to every limb! Though this appears to be bit bizarre it is catching up fast!

Next time when you want to go for a workout choose a snake massage for a difference!

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  1. Snakes? Oh no way. Never. Ever. How horrifying.

    Have a terrific day. :)