Saturday, June 6, 2009

Relax while you walk!

It is an universal fact that walking is the cheapest and best form of exercise for men and women. Pedometers do give a measure of the total number of steps walked but do not furnish any information on the intensity of the activity. Researchers in the USA have attempted to quantify the duration and speed of walking activity in order to ensure that the heart rate is raised sufficiently high to improve physical fitness.

Findings of an experimental audience in the middle age group showed that walking at a speed of 100 steps per minute for a duration of 30 minutes effects optimum increase in heart rate for better physical fitness. This means 3000 steps are to be walked in 30 minutes per day in a 5-day week to keep the body fit.

Scientists have also elaborated that the 30 minutes duration need not be in one stroke but can be split into 10 minutes duration with sufficient breaks in between for relaxation. It is advised to take 1000 steps in 10 minutes duration 3 times a day which can be practised by older people also.

Remember these tips when you go for a walk next time! You will enjoy your walking with lot more relaxation!


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