Friday, June 26, 2009

Smart way to compare laptops on price and features!

The website Consumer Mate gives a smart and simple procedure to compare laptops on price and features to select the most suited model for specific applications.

Select key parameters like Brand, Price, Weight and Screen Size on a slide scale.
A short-listed quantum of laptops is displayed on the screen.
Then pick up 2/3 most appropriate models in comparison mode.
Review Laptops based on Test Center Rating, user feedback and technical specification like Hardware capacity, battery back-up duration, etc., to zero in the apt model.
For more details click this link.

Consumer Mate has the following special features also.

Hot Deals: Competitive prices, discounts, free gifts, etc., offered by dealers on all brands will be displayed by clicking this option.
For more information click this link .

Laptop Guru: Recommends models best suited for different applications.
Select price range, principal use, travel plan and screen size to shortlist and to compare laptops on price and features mentioned above.

Ask us: By signing this option you will get competitive updated street prices of particular brands and address of local dealers concerned.

Test Center Rating by Digit: This is India's premier Research Lab. Experts in the lab compare laptops on basis of portability, ergonomics, build and performance and assign ratings. These ratings are well recognised in the market and enable decision of right choice of laptops. For further information click here.

The site also provides links for Consumer Support, News on Market Trend and Forum of users for sharing views.


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