Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Electricity from boot!

It is an old news that electricity can be produced from wind force and ocean tides. The latest news is that the majestic march past of military men could as well produce electricity.

British scientists have found that electric power could be produced from the boot power of the colorful uniformed soldiers of the British Army. The energy associated with the vigorous movements of the knees and feet of thousands of soldiers in unison could be converted to electric power with the help of Piezoelectric transducers as envisaged by the researchers.

This study is also aimed at reducing the weight of backpack of the armed men with an intention to minimize their fatigue and to improve efficiency by utilizing latest technological advancements.

The electric power generation as above is expected to be environment friendly too!

Should we declare that 'boot power' is no more 'brute power' but electric power!

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