Sunday, August 9, 2009

Adjustable focus eye glasses!

Millions of people in the world need eye correction and eye replacement. Majority of them are poor who could ill afford the luxury of getting good treatment in a decent hospital.

Many a good Samaritans generously donate their eyes to eye banks and hospitals for transplant to the needy. This 'Chakshu Dhaan' is considered as one of the best type of donation (dhaan) for the humanity.

Researchers have now devised a less costly solution for vision correction with adjustable glasses. The device consists of a fluid filled glass and by varying the quantum of fluid the desired focal length could be adjusted.

The aim of the researchers is to design and manufacture this glass at an affordable price within reach of the socially downtrodden.

Stephen Kurtin, a physicist, developed a spectacle wherein the glasses have tiny adjustable slider on the bridge of the frame that makes it possible to focus on a page of a book with tiny letters, a computer screen and a sprawling landscape.
This first adjustable focus eye glasses is available in the US market at a reasonable price.


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