Monday, August 3, 2009

High power batteries to replace gasoline!

Traditional lead acid, nickel cadmium and nickel-metal-hydride batteries have limited power storage sufficient to run small electronics gadgets. Subsequently lithium ion batteries have been introduced as replacement.

Lithium is a very light element and permits high energy density. Thus lithium ion battery qualifies to be the ideal light but high capacity storage battery.

Lithium ion batteries are now being developed in the market presently to cater to massive power requirements in automobile industry, wind energy generators and solar powered equipment.

It is envisaged that the heavy gasoline fuel tank in automobile industry will soon be replaced by power packed but light lithium ion battery.

In wind mill generator, high power lithium ion storage battery is foreseen to provide power for driving the massive wind turbine under low/no wind conditions to sustain electric power generation.

In solar energy operated heating devices, lithium ion battery provides power to run the devices during rainy days and winter in the absence of sun light.

Development / manufacture of high power lithium ion batteries have attained all time importance in the USA wherein several incentives have been promised by the present Obama government to encourage alternative fuel for gasoline.

The manufacturing units concentrate on mass production to cut down cost per unit. The production processes do focus on clean environment.

The industry is also gearing itself fast to adapt to this new fuel storage system.

It is a welcome sign for the entire globe as the deployment of such power batteries tend to keep the environment more clean with minimum green house emission!


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