Friday, August 21, 2009

Honest politicians!

Have you ever come across a politician sans corruption and selfishness?

Yes. In India's Metro city Chennai 'Academy of Honest Politics' has been set up by a group of altruistic non governmental organizations in an attempt to cleanse prevailing dirty politics. Service minded and patriotic youths are qualified to join this institution for a formal education on healthy politics.

According to Times of India magazine the syllabus of the academy will contain 15 subjects including constitutional law, budgeting and financial management, history of governance, panchayat raj, government’s social welfare schemes, and inter-state and international relations.

To start with, the first batch is expected to have a strength of 15 to 20 students learning on part time basis - after office hours. Though no written examination is foreseen, the course includes a practical training for each student wherein the student is expected to identify and work out solution for problems of the local public in their native place for a minimum period of one month. This performance will decide the student's grade in the academy and a certificate will be given in recognition. The course is yet to be recognized officially by the government.

This course appears to be a silver lining in the dark political sky of the country. Politics is a roaring business without the fear of recession anytime to make quick money. Pondering over the present moral degradation of politicians, the academy appears to be a welcome move to educate youngsters on the right attitude for public service. The younger generation is bound to change the color of politics in any nation.

Let us hope that this academy is left intact by our power-hungry politicians!


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