Sunday, August 23, 2009

World's expensive vintage car!

Here is some hot news for vintage car lovers! A Rolls Royce car of 1934 Model imported and used by Thakorsaheb Dharmendrasinji, the then Maharaja of Rajkot, is under auction in Germany.

The car is saffron in color symbolizing the color of Hindutva. Popularly known as 'The Star of Inida', the car had a number of special features including steering wheel controlled head lights which could track the vehicle's progress on road.

Old timers fondly recall the Registration Number of the car 'Rajkot State No. 26' and the emblem of the Rajkot State 'Prajadharmi Raja' adorning the car!

Dharmendrasinhji’s grandson Mandhatasinhji Jadeja states “This car has high nostalgic value for us. Our family used this car during marriages and hunting expeditions. It has great heritage value and today it is not just the star of Rajkot but the country,” he adds.

Times of India magazine reports that the auction price of the Phantom - II 40/50 HP Continental all weather convertible is expected to be around 8.5 million British Pounds which will exceed the price (7.2 million British Pounds)paid for a 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa auctioned a few months ago. As such the car is foreseen to be the world's most expensive vintage car in September 2009 when it goes under the hammer of the auctioneers, M/s.Hans-Gunther Zach, the noted Rolls Royce Collectors.


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