Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Goodbye to Energy Guzzlers!

The drive to cut down energy consumption is on top priority in Europe in the recent past. This is part of their ongoing efforts towards reduction in consumption of electricity which in turn will contribute to cleaner environment to save Planet Earth.

In order to cut down electricity consumption drastic steps are to be taken by European countries as listed below.

1. Good bye to 70-year old cathode ray tube television technology
2. Ban on Incandescent lamps of 100 watts and above
3. Ban on washing machines without cold-wash setting
4. Ban on inefficient fridges and freezers
5. Discontinuance of energy guzzling dish washers
6. Energy inefficient kettles

The new regulations termed as 'Ecodesign Directive' could save significant energy, the equivalent of Italy's entire annual electricity consumption.

Critics are of the opinion that this type of restriction on domestic consumption though necessary, energy consumption on air travels, which is a major contributor for global warming needs to be addressed on war-footing. No immediate solution appears to be in the vicinity for this problem in the near future.

Countries like India and other countries should also follow the clues.

Courtesy: Bojan Pancevski & Steven Swinford as reported in Times of India magazine


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