Friday, December 18, 2009

Mice and the space shuttle!

Except for Walt Disney cartoons, the mouse is being treated with all contempt by the human race from time immemorial! However the 'despicable' mice do undergo countless torments and sacrifice their life for the well being of mankind in all their space endeavors!

Astronauts were found to suffer reduced bone density presumably due to weightlessness during long space expeditions. NASA scientists have been carrying out extensive research on the impact of weightlessness in space on human beings and other lives. They conducted lab tests on little mice whose physiology is close to that of human beings.

The levitation experiments on tiny mice are quite interesting. In a lab experiment, baby mouse kept inside a special cage is subject to levitation with a strong superconducting magnet which acts against gravity to simulate weightless condition. Under zero friction, the mouse spins at a terrific speed with near total disorientation. To relieve the miseries of the fast spinning poor mouse to some extent, scientists resort to sedation of the mouse during the experiment. At the end of the experiments, scientists claim that their levitation tests on mice have been successful.

Hopefully our astronauts may have a comfortable space tour in the near future thanks to the mini mice!


  1. How very thoughtful of you to thank the creature that almost everyone is afraid of.

  2. Thanks for your comments. I adore Walt Disney's smart Jerry mouse! May be that is one reason I have a soft corner for this otherwise 'disgusting' creature!