Monday, November 9, 2009

New generation values in Brazilian Church!

Do you know that a church in Brazil adapts novel methods to connect with youngsters. Street fights and rock band competitions are organized in the church campus at Reborn in Christ Church of Brazil regularly to attract the attention of the local youth. Pastors clad in sneakers and T-shirts participate in Jujitsu fights witnessed by their teenage fans. Parlors engaged in religious theme tattoos like "I love Jesus" are available within the church. Hot dog and pizza centers are also located in one of the rooms of the church. This provides the right impetus to the youth of the locality to frequent their visits to the church 'to meet and socialize' with friends and relatives, witness their favorite sports and music stuff apart from offering prayers to God.

According to the church authorities the younger generation looks for free expression of thoughts without any inhibition in a church. Seeking confession alone in a religious center appears to be the thing of the past. As such the authorities contend that church should have a flexible approach towards youth in order to improve their participation in church matters.

Change is an inevitable ingredient in all aspects of life. It is time even the religious places adapt themselves to the changing attitudinal trend of the youth of today. After all today's youth are well informed and smart and they are the decision makers of tomorrow.

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