Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Management Mantra - 4-day work week!

American business management experts have now found a new productivity efficient technique - 4-day work week with 10 hours of work per day. The overall number of hours remains unchanged at 40 hours per week (as in the case of 5-day work week with 8 hours per day).

Improvements in this new concept - higher level of job satisfaction for employees and increased productivity for the business house.

In respect of home front, the employee spends one more day with his family devoting more time and energy for personal and family affairs. This results in low level of work-family conflict and the eventual increase in concentration on work to achieve higher productivity.

What are the other indirect benefits - Reduction in fuel expenses for the employee, saving on gas and electricity costs for the establishment for one more day in a week, lower level of fatigue on employees, increased harmony in family, saving in time of commutation on road to reach work place during non-peak hours and less strain on driving to work place - all these factors lead to maximisation of production. Also employee turnover is brought down significantly for the business house.

This method is also superior to the present practice of work-from-home on the fifth day (Friday) of the week which is characterized by inefficient working and lower output.

There is another option - 4-day work week with 8 hours per week. This is very handy during the present recession wherein the employer is able to cut down the production hours and wages with a thin order-book on hand. Employees may not opt for this option.

No doubt 4/10 work week concept will usher in a new era of 'smart work and high production' for the industry with a win-win situation for both the employer and employees!


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