Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A novel method to improve blog traffic...go on kissing spree!

Here is a novel way to improve traffic to your blog instantaneously especially if you are a girl! Go on a kissing spree expedition and publish the spicy episodes in your blog with attractive photographs as reported in an article in Times of India magazine.

This is no joke, a 27-year old Taiwanese woman hit upon an plan to kiss 100 men in Paris which made her a web celebrity overnight. She had kissed 54 men so far from varied walks of life - a factory laborer, a model, an Italian tourist, a street sweeper and so on... the list is long.

A Parisian working as a teacher in Africa invited her to Africa after tasting her hot lips! Her 48th kiss was a misadventure... the guy bit her lips!

Yang, the Taiwanese woman, was prepared to receive both brickbats and bouquets from her prospective kissing partners in her novel attempt. Her experience had been very positive; most of the men cooperated with her admirably well probably to get the taste of her sweet lips! Since then her blog had been visited by a million people!

I am no body to advocate that this novel idea of improving the blog traffic is wrong for men too!

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  1. What some folks will do for blog popularity. Whatever.

    Have a terrific day. :)